A List of Things I Love About Living in a Small Town

1.  When we leave our Cannondale bike out on the front porch, it's still there when we come home.

2.  Halloween parades.  Okay, so it wasn't really an organized parade, but there were volunteers and sheriffs in reflective gear keeping cars from driving through the blocked-off trick-or-treating neighborhood.

3.  Ducking in to a friend's house during said parade so as to quietly breastfeed Mr. D. It's not that I'm embarrassed of whipping out the boob, it's that I don't want my costume to be mistaken for a SEXY Dorothy.

4.  The grocery store guy ALWAYS says hi to me like we actually know each other.  I don't know his name; he doesn't know mine.  But when I've secretly been shopping at Trader Joe's down in the city instead of our local supermarket, the grocery store guy says, "Hi, there!  It's been a while!"  For that matter, we are on a first-name basis with our mail lady and are always happy to run into her at local events such as weddings and Halloween parades.

5.  We can walk to the library.

6.  If we're late somewhere, we can never (really, ever) blame traffic.  Our county has one stop light.

7.  Our local paper boasts a sheriff's log that, I swear to god, reads as follows:  Two dogs were loose on Bird Road.  There was a neighbor dispute in Jasper.  A bear was seen on Jefferson Street. A drug violation was reported from Highway 238.

8.  The health food store sells these chocolate (okay okay, they're CAROB) malt balls that has converted me to carob. I cannot get enough.  Perhaps these kinds of amenities are available in more populated places, but I'd like to pretend they're endemic to my locale. 

9.  People are impressed that our house has insulation, windows, and a general air of sturdiness.  More common around here are add-a-shacks where people keep adding rooms to their existing trailers as they can afford construction materials.  I know this is snooty, but sometimes my house makes me feel like a queen.

10.  We can tell our uber young son to "go play" and mean it.  He stays in the yard and I can duck inside and finish dinner (or, who are we kidding?  I can finish blarfing) without worrying a'tall.

How bout THEM apples?  Keepin' on the sunny side!